A mysterious once-off TV broadcast from Queenstown, where people are going missing, locals are behaving strangely, and there's talk of visitors from off-planet. Oh, and there's a great cooking show.

An experimental online arts festival delivered like a 90s TV broadcast for the Unconformity, created in partnership with Unconscious Collective.

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Two hopeless friends find themselves caught up in a bank robbery, on the run, and planning revenge on a rich pervert.

A six part half-hour comedy series adapted from a play by Finegan Kruckemeyer, with support from Screen Tasmania.

status: in development

A couple in therapy find themselves in the midst of a strange and deadly invasion.

A sci-fi short film.

status: post production

Mary's visions tell her something terrible is about to happen in Queenstown, her rugged mining town home. She's the only one who can see it, and the only one who can stop it.

A location-based story delivered via app, created for the Unconformity arts festival.

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